About APCC

The IEEE COMSOC Asian Pacific Committee (APC) proposed a new technical conference on communications, named APCOM (Asia Pacific Communication Symposium), after two years discussion, to encourage technical activities and more effective information exchange among Asia Pacific countries. Its basic idea was approved by most APC members and the first conference has been proposed for 1995. Independently of the COMSOC’s activities, Korea Institute of Communication Science (KICS) started an Asia-Pacific (AP) regional conference under the name of Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC) in 1993 in Taejon in commemoration of EXPO ’93. The conference was held successfully with more than 200 papers presented and with more than 500 participants from 24 countries/areas mostly in the AP region. On the day 26 of August, 1993, representatives of IEEE COMSOC and representatives from major institutes in the AP region held a meeting in Taejon for the future collaboration of the APCOM and the APCC. Through discussions in the meeting the representatives realized that the objectives of the two conferences are very close, so they came up with the agreement to merge the two conferences under the name of APCC.

The second APCC was held in Osaka in June, 1995 successfully, with 210 out of 261 submitted papers presented in 40 sessions given in 5 parallel sessions for 2 and a half days with more than 300 participants. At that time, the Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Communications, Networks and Switching Systems (JC-CNSS) was merged to the APCC, which had been held annually in Japan and Korea, alternately, for the past eight years, and had played an important role toward the birth and evolution of the APCC.

The main purpose of the expanded APCC conference is to provide researchers and engineers in the AP region with an opportunity to discuss topics related to advanced telecommunication technologies and services, while opening the door to the world. It is expected that the conference will become a major regular international conference and stimulate research and development activities in the AP region.

The Asia-Pacific Conference (APCC) is an annual event bringing together exceptional researchers and cutting-edge innovators from industries and academics around the world. All APCCs on IEEExplore: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome.jsp?punumber=1000105&punumber=1000105

No. APCC Locations
1 APCC 1993 Taejon, Korea
2 APCC 1995 Osaka, Japan
3 APCC 1997 Sidney, Australia
4 APCC 1998 Singapore
5 APCC 1999 Beijing, China
6 APCC 2000 Seoul, Korea
7 APCC 2001 Tokyo, Japan
8 APCC 2002 Bandung, Indonesia
9 APCC 2003 Penang, Malaysia
10 APCC 2004 Beijing, China
11 APCC 2005 Perth, Australia
12 APCC 2006 Busan, Korea
13 APCC 2007 Bangkok, Thailand
14 APCC 2008 Tokyo, Japan
15 APCC 2009 Shanghai, China
16 APCC 2010 Auckland, New Zealand
17 APCC 2011 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
18 APCC 2012 Jeju Ispand, Korea
19 APCC 2013 Bali Island, Indonesia
20 APCC 2014 Pattaya City, Thailand
21 APCC 2015 Kyoto, Japan
22 APCC 2016 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
23 APCC 2017 Perth, Australia
24 APCC 2018 Ningbo, China